Wrapping it up…. another great video from Coordinator Karla Tynski, using video to encapsulate Beyond Classrooms Kingston’s 2017-18 year. And what a year it was!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when we bid farewell to Mark Badham, one of Beyond Classroom Kingston’s greatest champions and one of Kingston’s best known curators and geology educators – even though he’ll tell you he’s ‘not a museum guy’. Karla Tynski developed this great tribute video for him.


Yet more firsts for Beyond Classrooms – our first week at the Little Cataraqui Conservation Area and our first Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario school. Grade 6 students from teacher Khadija Hmoudou’s École Publique Madeleine-de-Roybon spent an amazing week at Little Cat, even if it did have to be delayed due to a late spring ice storm.


Ms McCourt and her Grade 4-5 students from Sydenham PS experienced a dynamic week of inquiry at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre in May. You can see a brief synopsis of their week in the video below.

Our Lady of Lourdes students and their teacher Ms Douglas learned how the study and practice of medicine is changing from nursing students at the Museum of Health Care. Watch a video of all of their week’s discoveries below.

In March, Laura LaMarche’s Grade 7-8 class from Winston Churchill PS spent a week at the Agnes Etherington Art Gallery.  They met guest curator Norman Vorano, who shared his experience meeting artsits’ family members in the Arctic. See more in the video below.

M. Gallagher’s French Immersion class had a great Beyond Classrooms week at the Miller Museum in March.  Watch the video summary of their week below.

Christine Kirk and her Grade 4’s from Wellborne Ave PS spent an amazing week at the Museum of Health Care. See what they discovered, in the video below.

Here’s the latest ‘Summing up our City Hall week’ video for Jennifer Banham and her Ecole Sir John A Macdonald class, created by our very talented BCK Coordinator, Karla Tynski.

The Grade 5’s from Molly Brant PS got fully into the spirit of citizen action, with a debate and petition on bike lanes.

Frontenac County Schools Museum, and their own teacher welcomed Lisa Phippen and her students from Truedell PS ‘back’ to the 1890’s

Teacher Mark Kyte and his students from Ecole Cathedrale spent a week at Bellevue House National Historic Site.  Watch their adventures here!

If you’d like to hear some of Mrs. Ryan’s students describe their Beyond Classrooms Week at the Military Communications and Electronics Museum, you can watch Bryn, Zoe, and Sarah’s videos here.  Great job Grade 6’s!

Bryn’s video

Zoe’s video

Sarah’s video

Mrs. Ryan’s Grade 6 class from St. Martha’s Catholic School spent a great week at the Military Communications and Electronics Museum: December 2016

R.G. Sinclair Public School at Frontenac County Schools Museum: November 2016

Local Government Week with Centennial Public School: October 2016



Grade 5/6  at the Museum of Health Care – May 2016

Selby PS visits the Museum of Health Care – Spring 2016

Grade 4/5 Students Visit Miller Museum of Geology – April 2016


Learning in Limestone talks to Beyond Classrooms Kingston
at the Agnes Etheringon Art Centre – April 2016

A Look at our week with Grade 5 students from Rideau Heights Public School at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre



Beyond Classrooms visits City Hall – January 2015

Beyond Classrooms at the Marine Museum

Beyond Classrooms Kingston at the Miller Museum

Experience a day at Beyond Classrooms Kingston with a class of grade 3-4 students and their teachers at the Miller Museum of Geology.