Mike Lacey’s intrepid art sleuths from Rideau Heights PS, move their classroom to the Agnes for a week.

(For Immediate Release)
31 March 2016 – How do we make art which expresses our thoughts and feelings? What tools does the artist use to communicate with his audience? Does art influence us? Mike Lacey’s Grade 5 class from Rideau Heights Public School will spend a week in pursuit of answers to these questions with Beyond Classrooms Kingston, at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, April 4th to 8th.
Queen’s Professor of Drama Greg Wanless will help the students make their own physical connection to artist’s models captured in oils almost four hundred years ago. What do their poses and postures tell us about them? What do they tell us about the artist and his relationship with his subject?
So many questions! And they continue: can an artist create a work of art that tells a story, describes a condition, or explains a culture? Can a painting convince us of injustice? Make us laugh or weep? Thanks to their five days of concentrated study, and input from content experts such as Greg Wanless and Agnes’ staff, Mr. Lacey’s Grade 5’s will not only learn to ‘read’ the art works, they’ll also learn how to think critically about the messages, points of view and ideas, that artists
express in their work.
They’ll record their observations and thoughts in their journals throughout the week, and, they’ll probably generate a few more questions during their stay.
Funded in part by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Beyond Classrooms Kingston moves classes of elementary students and their teachers into community spaces. Beyond Classrooms programming for 2015-16 will be drawing to a close soon, but we’re already planning for September. Teachers can find applications for next year’s programming weeks at www.beyondclassrooms.ca. The deadline for applications is April 22nd.
In the meantime, follow the adventures of Mr. Lacey and his student detectives on Facebook and Twitter – both accessible through the Beyond Classrooms Kingston website.
For further information, or to book interview and video/photo opportunities please contact Ann Blake at eann.blake@gmail.com