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Moving classrooms into community spaces!

Beyond Classrooms Kingston moves teachers and their classrooms into community museums, art galleries and community sites for an entire week.  The host site becomes an extension of the teacher’s classroom, where he or she can help students enhance their literacy, critical thinking and problem solving skills, in an authentic environment.

Working alongside host site staff and the Beyond Classrooms Coordinator, each teacher designs a unique program that uses the students’ week at the site, as a catalyst for inquiry-based learning.

Learning at a museum or gallery for an entire week takes away the field trip feeling and creates an environment where students can slow down their learning, look closely and reflect, through sketching and journal writing.

Topical presentations by content specialists, thematic hands-on activities, time spent in the the galleries with the collections – all build connections to prior knowledge for the students, stimulate curiosity, and encourage further investigation.

Frequent opportunities for reflection and discussion heighten student discovery and play a significant role in helping to foster cultural awareness, civic pride, community responsibility, and stewardship.